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Pancake and Lulu Advent HQ

Welcome to the Festive Yarn Tasting


The 2021 Advent Calendar is inspired by festive treats and fun drinks in all the colors! Each mini skein is paired with a fun colorful recipe I have found online.  


Each day, I post a photo reveal of the day's colorway along with a photo of the inspirational recipe. I encourage everyone to try some of the recipes with me! 

You can follow along with me on instagram @pancakeandlulu and my YouTube channel: Pancake and Lulu Yarn and Fiber.


  If you use Instagram or Ravelry, use the hashtag #pancakeandlulu to post your daily yarn and/or a special treat of the day (whatever it may be)! 


Thank you for purchasing the Advent Calendar and for supporting Pancake and Lulu Yarn ~ I had a blast creating this for you.
Enjoy your stitching, sipping and nibbling!


🎄Happy Holidays!🎄

xo Aimee xo


PS: If you would like to find out about the 2022 Festive Yarn Tasting Pre-Order the link is available here!


Day 1 - Robin's Egg Macaron

Robin's Egg Macaron

Recipe Link: Robin's Egg Macarons

Not that easy 😅 - but turned out great!

Day 2 - Blue Hawaiian

Blue Hawaiian

Recipe Link: Blue Hawaiian


This was easy to make and delicious!

Day 3 - Sapphire Alpine Martini

Sapphire Alpine Martini

Gorgeous! I squeezed 1/2 a clementine into mine!

Day 4 - Galaxy Cupcake

Galaxy Cupcake

Recipe Link: Galaxy Cupcake

Delicious recipe! - (I didn't make mine gluten free).

Day 5 - Surf Cake

Surf Cake

Recipe Link: Surf Cake

Delicious, pretty and easy - naturally colored with blue butterfly pea flower powder - this recipe is actually quite healthy!

Day 6 - Blue Matcha Cake

Blue Matcha Cake

Recipe Link: Blue Matcha Cake

These are very similar to Day 5 but bite size - (probably not going to make this one since I made the previous recipe).

I didn't realize Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Powder is the same thing as Blue Matcha.  Actually I didnt know these even existed before I created this Advent Calendar. It is such a beautiful natural food color.

Day 7 - Violet Hour

Violet Hour

Recipe Link: Violet Hour

This recipe sent me down a Monin Syrup rabbit hole!

Made this beautiful milkshake for my daughter - she loved it! 

Day 8 - Ube Crinkle Cookie

Ube Crinkle Cookie

Recipe Link: Ube Crinkle Cookie

This color!! It is natural from Ube - a purple yam popular in the Philippines!

The recipe I found for homemade Ube Jam is here . I am using Stokes purple sweet potatoes I found at Whole Foods, since fresh Ube is hard to find in the US.

Day 9 - Purple People Eater

Purple People Eater

Recipe Link: Purple People Eater

A dark and moody drink!

And I found a simple recipe for homemade sweet and sour mix for this drink here.

Day 10 - Berry Delicious

Berry Delicious

Recipe Link: Berry Delicious

A healthy, delicious & thick smoothie! You definitely need a high powered blender. A few splashes of pineapple juice helped it blend.

Day 11 - Raspberry Brownies

Raspberry Brownies

Recipe Link: Raspberry Brownies

These were a hit with fresh raspberries and goat and cream cheese - yum!

Day 12 - Raspberry Meringue

Raspberry Meringue

Recipe Link: Raspberry Meringue

I HAVE to make these. Meringues are my absolute favorite.

Day 13 - Pitaya Smoothie Bowl

Pitaya Smoothie Bowl

Recipe Link: Pitaya Smoothie Bowl

So excited to see the gorgeous pink from Pitaya, aka Dragon Fruit!

Day 14 - Pink Daiquiri

Pink Daiquiri

Recipe Link: Pink Daiquiri

I have everything to make this except the maraschino liqueur - so I think I will make these over the weekend. Isn't the color gorgeous?!

Day 15 - Unicorn Hot Chocolate

Unicorn Hot Chocolate

Recipe Link: Unicorn Hot Chocolate

Such a pretty pink twist on a classic snowy day favorite!

Day 16 - Señorita


Recipe Link: Señorita

These drinks were so delicious and refreshing and this color is one of my favorite colors that I came up with for the Advent this year.

Day 17 - Sprinkle Crinkle

Sprinkle Crinkle

Recipe Link: Sprinkle Crinkle

These cookies are so classic and this new colorway is officially my favorite from the whole calendar - I want a sweater out of it!

Day 18 - Airy Angel Food

Airy Angel Food

Recipe Link: Airy Angel Food

Another naturally colored treat - this beautiful pink comes from beetroot powder.

Day 19 - Pink Drink

Pink Drink

Recipe Link: Pink Drink

This is a reproduction of a drink from the Starbuck's "secret" menu - with hibiscus tea and coconut milk.

Day 20 - Chocolate PB Cup

Chocolate PB Cup

Recipe Link: Chocolate PB Cup

I love the bit of pink on these! I don't have pitaya powder, so I may have to think of something else...stay tuned for my version!

Day 21 - Mapleccino


Recipe Link: Mapleccino

Photo courtesy of Hemphill Photo - Glad you enjoyed it!

Day 22 - Monster Cookie

Monster Cookie

Recipe Link: Monster Cookie

Not sure I will make these again but the color was spot-on to match my yarn!

Day 23 - Green Ghost

Green Ghost

Recipe Link: Green Ghost

A beautiful, potent and mysterious cocktail of the 1930s!

Day 24 - Matcha Mojito

Matcha Mojito

Recipe Link: Matcha Mojito

We made these on New Year's Eve - So good!

Day 25 - Christmas Tree Meringue

Christmas Tree Meringue

Aren't these the cutest!? I love meringues - so definitely want to try these.

Gingerbread People

Bonus Full Skein

Gingerbread People

Recipe Link: Gingerbread People

Mmmm...gingerbread cookies. Coming soon to my house!

Full Reveal of 2021 Festive Yarn Tasting

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